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Certificate in Synthesis & Sound Design


“MusicTEC, with its superb combination of music and IT, has definitely helped our son, Daniel, grow in his love for music! Playing the piano is now part and parcel of Daniel’s life. He never has to be reminded to practice on the piano. He automatically does it when he wants to relax, or when he has some free time. In fact, whenever he sees a piano or keyboard, he would want to play it! As such, many other people have been inspired by his playing and have asked us who his music teacher is. Recently, Daniel was selected by his school, ACS (Pr), to play at the Recess-Time Concert. This has really encouraged him greatly and motivated him to even practise harder. What else can we say? We are really glad that we have chosen MusicTEC for Daniel.”
by Papa & Mummy of Daniel Heng, 7 yrs old


Certificate in Synthesis & Sound Design

Who should join this course?

Participants with an interest in how synthesizers work and are used in the production of ELECTRONIC MUSIC COMPOSITION, as well as looking for “new” avenues in creativity on sound creation and designing.

Some familiarity to the musical keyboard would be an advantage as the use of the keyboard is needed to “trigger” and control the sound sources, although the use of computer software would help in the inputting of notes as well. High levels of keyboard technique and dexterity are not required in this course. 

There are THREE LEVELS to this course in total. Each level, 10 hours in duration

  • Sound Timbres
  • Natural Harmonic Series
  • Electronic music compositional techniques
  • History of sound synthesis systems
  • What is a Synthesizer?
  • The Oscillator/Filter/Ampifier sections
  • The Step Sequencer
  • Application of Modulation Controllers
  • Sonic ear training
  • Creation "Sound Compositions”
  • Basic Level Project
  • MIDI Basics
  • Voltage Control applications
  • Multi-module patching
  • Further applications on Osc/Filt/Amp/EG/LFO
  • Applying Sync/PWM/FM
  • Different Filter types
  • Use of multiple control modules
  • Amplitude Modulation / Ring Modulation
  • Frequency Modulation
  • Modulation techniques
  • Intermediate Level Project
  • Application of clocking modules
  • Synchronization
  • “Synchro-sonic” compositions
  • Advance MIDI applications to modular synthesizers
  • Planning a semi-automated composition system
  • – Advance Level Project