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“I think that learning music at MusicTEC is good because the lesson is made more interesting with the use of technology.”
by Lee Kian Wai, 12 yrs old



Thank you for your interest in our courses. This option is currently only available to MOE schools and companies in Singapore.

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The following are some comments from our students:

  • “This is the kind of resource and technology I like to use to help students learn and enjoy music. I didn't have this many years ago but now, my students whose ages from 11 all the way to the late 40's can use and understand these technological learning aids. I think that structuring the lessons around the likes and tastes of the students allow them to improve faster and achieve good results. I think overall, this enhancement has added to their enjoying the music and learning it more vividly.”
    by MusicTEC Guitar Teacher
  • “I feel very relaxed during my piano lessons at MusicTEC and I like the teachers here because they are very nice!”
    by Janelle Leong, 12 yrs old
  • “When learning to play a song, I get to play along with the music which is quite helpful for me to understand the feel of the score and playing.”
    by Guitar Student
  • “MusicTEC, with its superb combination of music and IT, has definitely helped our son, Daniel, grow in his love for music! Playing the piano is now part and parcel of Daniel’s life. He never has to be reminded to practice on the piano. He automatically does it when he wants to relax, or when he has some free time. In fact, whenever he sees a piano or keyboard, he would want to play it! As such, many other people have been inspired by his playing and have asked us who his music teacher is. Recently, Daniel was selected by his school, ACS (Pr), to play at the Recess-Time Concert. This has really encouraged him greatly and motivated him to even practise harder. What else can we say? We are really glad that we have chosen MusicTEC for Daniel.”
    by Papa & Mummy of Daniel Heng, 7 yrs old
  • “Learning at MusicTEC is fun because I can play computer music theory games such as Keysignature Ship Game, to beat my high score and this helps me remember my key signatures!!!!”
    by Rika Ogawa, 9 yrs old
  • “MusicTEC has helped me learn more and improve in my music talent through the use of computer-aided software. Also the hardwork and dedication of my teacher too was another inspiration to me.”
    by Brendan, guitar student
  • “I used this program in class which was quite fun. It can change speed of song so that I can learn the piece at my own pace and let's me try and understand different styles of music too.”
    by Guitar Student
  • “I like my music lessons at MusicTEC because my teacher is kind and patient, and understanding and does not scold me. I can use IT software to compose music and I also get to play interesting music games to help me remember what I have learnt.”
    by Masayoshi Ogawa, 12 yrs old
  • “The computer software lets us learn more songs by using the programs.”
    by Guitar Student
  • “In this music school, we have games and music (music games)”
    by Danelle, 6 yrs old