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“In this music school, we have games and music (music games)”
by Danelle, 6 yrs old



Thank you for your interest in our courses. This option is currently only available to MOE schools and companies in Singapore.

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The following are some comments from our students:

  • “I feel very relaxed during my piano lessons at MusicTEC and I like the teachers here because they are very nice!”
    by Janelle Leong, 12 yrs old
  • “The computer software lets us learn more songs by using the programs.”
    by Guitar Student
  • “When learning to play a song, I get to play along with the music which is quite helpful for me to understand the feel of the score and playing.”
    by Guitar Student
  • “There are a lot of games here, more fun than the other music school we went to.”
    by Darius, 8 yrs old
  • “This is the kind of resource and technology I like to use to help students learn and enjoy music. I didn't have this many years ago but now, my students whose ages from 11 all the way to the late 40's can use and understand these technological learning aids. I think that structuring the lessons around the likes and tastes of the students allow them to improve faster and achieve good results. I think overall, this enhancement has added to their enjoying the music and learning it more vividly.”
    by MusicTEC Guitar Teacher
  • “I used this program in class which was quite fun. It can change speed of song so that I can learn the piece at my own pace and let's me try and understand different styles of music too.”
    by Guitar Student
  • “I like to learn music at MusicTEC because I can record my music that I am learning on the piano, then use the computer to add drum tracks to my music. I can then upload my music to my webpage for my sister, who is studying in London, to admire!”
    by Seth Ho, 7 yrs old
  • “During my lessons we would check out songs on Youtube for some ideas on the different guitar styles and discuss these with my teacher and the other students. Having Internet resources to check for guitar tabs in class in a really “hip” way to learn guitar!”
    by Guitar Student
  • “I began putting my eldest son, Malcolm (11), at MusicTec since about 4 years ago. Subsequently, my 2 younger sons Ian (9) & Andre (7) also enrolled in the programme. I’ve discovered that, within the first year, all of them were able to read musical notes and play out the songs rather independently. I was amazed at their progress and overall appreciation of music and musical styles. One thing for sure, they are technically sound! And the IT-based system brought a whole new dimension to music Education! I believe it is the combination of the right programme, right methodology , the passion, dedication and competence of the teachers that have resulted in their systematic and progressive learning. Furthermore, active monitoring process allowed my sons to progress at their own pace, and expedited when necessary. I’m so impressed that I’ve recommended many friends to start lessons with the School!”
    by Mrs Eunice Shum, mother of Malcolm, Ian and Andre Shum
  • “Lesson is different from other music classes, no boring 1-2-3-4 counting over and over, no “tick tick” metronome! Instead we use the music software to put in our chords, select a style we prefer and play!”
    by Guitar Student